• France

    France Wall Map. Our ©Netmaps database from France 1.800.000. Size 115 X 92 cm. Regions, roads (main and secondary) and more than 5000 cities and villages.

    France Wall Map
  • World Map

    World Map fully updated with South Sudan (2012). Size 128 X 92 cm. Wall map is available in english, spanish, french, german, italian and portuguese.

    World Map
  • Europe Postal Codes

    Europe Postal Codes. Ideal Maps for Logistics, Forwarding services. Two initial postal codes from any european countries. Top sales for promotional purposes!

  • China

    China Wall Map. One of our top sales!. Spectacular map of China under our ©Netmaps database with political information, main roads and cities included.


Laminated / framed

From our Standard map. Maps can be laminated - hard or velleda, it allows to write or erase over map).

Also all maps can be framed: magnetic (allow magnets) or under cork support (allow pins).

Maps and Maps

World Maps in english, french, spanish, italian, german or portuguese. Maps of the continents. Road maps of many countries. Wall maps for everybody

From our 29,50 € standard map until our specials 199,50 € framed maps.

Delivery service

Our Wall Map Stores are opened (2012) to clients in UK, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Benelux .

Please contact us from other countries: info@thewallmaps.com

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